Easy Fitness Tracking

Make It Green is a fitness-tracking app built for a single, simple purpose: to guide you along a course of steady improvement…. It’s a kind of fitness compass or beacon that lets you focus all your energy on achieving, then exceeding, your goals.

Focused on Results

  • We measure your intensity using Apple Watch's advanced heart rate tracking technology.
  • Our fully automated pace setting and fitness tracking algorithms ensure consistent, gradual improvement in your level of fitness.


  • We track what you need tracked, not the other way around.
  • Works with any number of activities especially - walking, running, anything that gets your heart pumping.
  • You can even mix and match activities without adjusting anything.  Raining out? ... just take your routine indoors and Make It Green will work on any machine... elliptical, bike, both!
  • You always have control over your intensity and target heart rate.  Just manually turn the crown on your Apple Watch at any point during your workout.
  • Leave your phone at home - we have specifically designed Make It Green to run natively on the Apple Watch.  All of our advanced tracking and analytic features runs right from your wrist.


Designed for beginners and experts alike, Make It Green’s intelligent, automated pace-setting helps you know exactly how hard you need to work out, every time.

With our help, you can start small and work your way up; we keep track of your progress and calculate appropriate increases, slowly making your workouts harder and your successes greater.  By setting distinct boundaries and guiding you along them, our app allows you to turn all your attention to your form and movement, helping prevent the injuries and burnout that result when you “overdo it.”

Make It Green utilizes Healthkit and the Apple Watch to track your heart rate and calculate your intensity throughout each workout. We then compare these values across multiple workout sessions, automatically project a new goal, then help you achieve it with a clear heads up display right on your watch. All you ever need to do is make that dial green!